Spotted: Wine Box Container Garden

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wine box container garden

I know, spring is a long ways off, but the beauty of container gardening is that you can grow your plants in a sunny indoor spot when the weather gets too cold!

This wine box container garden from LLH Designs is such a simple, sweet way to create reclaimed containers for growing herbs, greens, and other plants that are happy in containers. Linsey started hers back in March and has them set up outside, but you could just as easily stick these beauties on a table under a sunny window.

Sourcing Wine Boxes

Want to get your hands on wine boxes to try this out? Try asking around at the local liquor store or grocery store. I bet they have some in the back that they’d be happy to part with if you ask really nicely. If stores around you are a bust, you can also find second hand wine boxes at the thrift store and sometimes even on eBay.

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How to Make Your Liquid Dish Soap Last Longer

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Dish Soap

If you do any cooking at home at all, you probably use liquid dish soap. I don’t mean the sort for the dishwasher, but the kind for hand-washing your dishes. Not only do we seem to go through our liquid dish soap quickly, it can be pricey, especially if you’re opting for eco-friendly dish soap.

Whether you make your own liquid dish soap or buy it at the store, it seems to run out at the most inopportune times, doesn’t it? I feel like we make most of the last-minute trips to the store around our house for two things: cat litter and dish soap. You can’t really push it with cat litter, but last time we were out of soap, I found a great way to stretch the bottle for a couple more washings! Here’s how:

  1. Fill the bottle halfway with tap water.
  2. Shake really well.
  3. Apply liberally.

There’s enough soap residue in the bottle to do at least a few more dishes, and maybe more! We “ran out” of soap days ago, and I’m still using the bottle that we refilled. Since the soap is super diluted, it’s going to take a lot more to get a lather going, but it’s all soap that would have otherwise been wasted, so just use lots!

Have you found any simple ways to make things last around the house? I’d love to hear more ideas in the comments!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Jek-a-Go-Go

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