Some companies are leading the way to a circular economy – government needs to ensure the rest follow

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An earlier version of this article was published on Guardian Sustainable Business. The world is facing a resource crunch and businesses need leadership from government to encourage innovation around sustainable methods of production. This week business secretary Vince Cable made a keynote … Continue reading

Is Green Living Expensive?

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The importance of being good to the environment is one that is often balanced against the expense. Many families, especially in the current financial climate, will find that they can afford either food or principles, and in such a situation the latter is always going to lose out. However, the truth is that you can be green and live affordably if you know how, although you may not be able to do everything that someone with more disposable income might.

Having little money often means you cannot live as close to work as you would like. This may rule out the short walk to work and even cycling. However, if your area is served by public transport then this may be more advantageous than driving, as it will help the environment and you may well save some money on fuel. If you live outside the main shopping catchment area but have more local stores, then you may be able to walk there and back – although this becomes harder when the local store is more expensive.

Recycling containers is something that always benefits the environment and can help you make something of leftovers. Making more food and freezing some of it means that you cut costs that way, and use less packaging into the bargain. No-one is going to blame you for unavoidable compromises, and if anyone does then they are the ones with the problem. Not you. Doing what you can is a whole lot more noble than cursing those who do less than you can.

What is Sustainable Living?

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The world has plenty of problems, and often you will find that friends or neighbors are skeptical that you choose the environment as one of your issues. When we stand at threat from terrorism, from crime in our towns and cities, and when there are potential new threats to our health from this thing or that thing, someone will always ask “Why are you bothering with recycling?”. The simple reason to give in response is that just because there are other problems, it doesn’t mean you cannot deal with this one.

Sustainable living is a concept that is catching on among people, perhaps slower than would be ideal but there is no doubt that it is gaining currency. The idea is that, rather than just throwing away the old, or using fuel that cannot easily be replaced, one uses things which are replaceable and reusable. If you are finished with a pickle jar, why throw it in the trash when it could be used to hold something else? That is the concept, on a small scale.

On a larger scale it involves using fuel that comes from easily-grown crops or from the environment itself – things we cannot run out of. For the planet to produce coal, oil or natural gas requires decades, even centuries of movement, and once it’s gone we cannot just go out for more. If we are careful with the things our planet bestows, we will have more of them for when we really need them.

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