Plastic-Free Cookies

January 17, 2012 by  
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It’s a distant memory now, but long, long ago, I made my first attempt to avoid plastic at the grocery store.

It was an endeavor that changed my life and empowered me to do something different. To take a stand and to show the world (or a least anyone who happened to land on my blog) that creating so much garbage, plastic or otherwise, is not necessary. It’s possible to live a good and happy life without sending 4.5 pounds of trash to the landfill each day.

I’m happy that I started my less-plastic experiment that day, but after almost two years of blogging about it, that must be obvious.

But now I feel I must also admit something. That day was also the start of a horrible reality. That’s right. It was the start of life without cookies.

No Oreos. No Nilla Wafers. No Big & Soft Chocolate Chunk Chips Ahoy.

Life would be cookie-less, or at least I thought it would be until, soon after my experiment began, I stepped into my local bakery and discovered a precious secret—local bakeries make delicious cookies that can be acquired with little or no packaging.

That’s right. A shop that might just be right near your house can provide you with delicious cookies that are better for the environment and help nurture the local economy. Who ever thought cookies could be so good?

The moral of the story: The next time you consider buying a box of Keebler Fudge Shoppe Mini Fudge Stripes cookies, put them down and pay your local baker a visit. You won’t regret it (unless you eat too many cookies, which, actually, you might regret, but I can’t help you with that).

p.s. You can also make your own cookies. Those are good, too.

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