Ever wanted kids but decided not to have them?

January 17, 2012 by  
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I am curious about people who wanted to have a child or children but decided to have none or fewer because of concerns over population growth. I'm *not* interested in hearing from people who condemn the choice to have chidren but rather from people actually feel and understand the tug towards parenthood but have chosen not to.

Have you had feelings of loss? What ways have you found to satisfy the tug without actually having children?

I'm asking because there obviously needs to be a real cultural conversation about population growth and how many kids we should all have. But I don't think that a conversation about how much damage more children would cause is the answer. I don't think guilting and shaming each other helps.

For one, I personally find it a downer. And for two, I don't think it helps people who are struggling with the choice.

What would help people who are struggling with the choice is stories of others who have struggled with it before them. Aspirational stories of struggling with the choice and finding ways of resolving the struggle happily. Perhaps in creative ways that made your life or the life of someone else better.

If you have a story like that, perhaps you'd be willing to share it with us in the comments?



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