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bike yarn bomb

You know we love a good yarnbomb around here, and this one that the folks over at Street Art Utopia shared combines yarnbombing with something else close to my heart: bikes! I just discovered this street art site this morning and am slowly becoming obsessed with it. There’s so much guerrilla art eye candy!

History of the Yarnbomb

Yarnbombing got its start back in Houston, Texas in 2005 when one savvy crafter, Magda Sayeg and a few of her pals decided to liven up their urban landscape by covering things like lamp posts, street signs, and benches with yarn.

The group was called Knitta Please, and they kept up the yarn bombing goodness until around 2007. Sayeg still yarnbombs, for fun and profit! In 2010, she covered a bus in Mexico City, and is working now on covering the air conditioning ducts at Etsy headquarters.

Since 2005, yarnbombing has caught on all over the world. You can see bursts of knitted color in almost any major city, and there’s even an International Yarnbombing Day!

Have you gus spotted an awesome yarnbomb near you? I’d love to hear about it or see a photo!


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