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Raising Awareness Without Preaching Raising Awareness Without Preaching

The human condition is constantly evolving, which may be news to those who believe... 

It’s Not A Competition! It’s Not A Competition!

Doing the right things to protect the environment is something that is not unlike... 

Turn Off The Light Turn Off The Light

When we are asked what we, ourselves, do to protect the environment, it is easy to... 

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Green Living Information

Why Local Sourcing Is Better For The Environment Why Local Sourcing Is Better For The Environment

Depending on how much you are prepared to do, the range of options for greener living... 

Driving A Greener Car Driving A Greener Car

The issue of motoring and the environment is one of the most hotly debated issues... 

Everything Is Reusable Everything Is Reusable

Most people view recycling as something that involves taking used items to a recycling... 

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Green Living Tips

Recycling: A Look At New York City Recycling: A Look At New York City

New York City, in just its five boroughs, has a population of over 8 million and in an area smaller than most states; you can just imagine how much waste is created on a daily basis. Recycling in New York City is mandatory and has been since July 1989. Before that date, starting in 1986, recycling was voluntary and as it began to catch on, recycling-educating... [Read more of this article]

Recycling Items Like Computers & TVs Recycling Items Like Computers & TVs

With the way technology is out-doing themselves year after year with newer, better, bigger and improved products for computer users, you can just imagine the amount of waste that is generated when consumers upgrade along with the process. One household may have one or two computers to upgrade on a yearly basis but if you add to that computers and monitors... [Read more of this article]

Outdoor Play Time & Recycling Outdoor Play Time & Recycling

Without a doubt the best play time is spent outside in the fresh air and in an effort to remain responsible to the environment there are a few things to keep in mind when out and about. The best place to play is somewhere that you don’t need to fly to, take a train to, or drive to. Yeah, your own backyard is a good place but not everyone is fortunate... [Read more of this article]

Recycling: Visit A Landfill Recycling: Visit A Landfill

For 43 years I’ve been someone who never really finished the thought; when I throw something away it goes… I’ve given myself a great gift this year; call it a field trip, if you like, but I took myself to my town’s landfill and had my eyes opened for the first time. Maybe the concept of someone reaching their 40s and still not... [Read more of this article]

Drive Smart, Save Green – 5 Great Tips Drive Smart, Save Green – 5 Great Tips

Drive smart, save green. It’s a great phrase, and if more people took up the challenge, the whole country – no, the whole world – would benefit immensely. How can you make a difference to the environment with your driving? This article provides you with 7 great tips that you can put into action right away. You’ll save money and... [Read more of this article]

Arts and Crafts And Recycling Arts and Crafts And Recycling

There are so many ways to integrate recycling with arts and crafts and still have hours of entertainment and maybe make a few holiday gifts. One of my favorite crafts is to decopauge. The materials needed to do this are simply old magazines, a pair of scissors, some white glue and something to decorate. I’ve seen people use this art medium on... [Read more of this article]

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